The Case of Alex Rodriguez and The Things That Bothered Us About “60 Minutes” Story (VIDEO)

Jan 13, 2014
8:56 AM

Last night, we caught the “60 Minutes” two-part segment about Alex Rodriguez’s major league problems with Major League Baseball.


Here is the full segment:

Granted, ARod is no saint and yes, several of the Rebeldes are Yankee fans, so we have our issues with Rodriguez. Nonetheless, is it just us or were you bothered by the following:

  1. Scott Pelley. Can you be any more sanctimonious? There is cheating in baseball! Wow. It seems as Pelley is stuck in 2009. Hey, Scott, baseball players cheat, but fans still go to games. Integrity of the game? Why didn’t you ask MLB that very same question? By the way, most baseball fans are not “outraged” as you claim. It is sad to see how you let MLB get off the hook (see below).
  2. Ok, Anthony Bosch? You have to give it up for his honesty (yeah, I did it), but the dude has been doing this for years. Did he need to cry? He did make a point that PEDs are “part of baseball,” but aren’t you an enabler, too? Here’s a thought: you should have never done it, but we’re sure the allure of hanging with pro players was too strong, given that you started doing this to young high school players.
  3. Speaking of Pelley, you need a Spanish editor. A COJOTE? COJOTE? Please stop saying cojote. And while you are it, that Spanish editor could have told you that it is spelled cohetes.
  4. MLB has power. Did you see who they hired to investigate this? Also, looks like MLB is like the FBI now, offering protection for witnesses. They will pay for information to make them look better. MLB is the biggest enabler going in all this.
  5. The whole “seedy Miami” motif in the second part of the segment. Is this “60 Minutes” or “Scarface?”
  6. And as for Rodriguez? ARod, give it up. You have made millions. Millions. Walk away and take your punishment. Very few are sympathetic to you, and it’s clear to us that your ego is huge.

By the way, this whole thing pissed off the players union (MLBPA), as the following statement shows:

It is unfortunate that Major League Baseball apparently lacks faith in the integrity and finality of the arbitrator’s decision and our Joint Drug Agreement, such that it could not resist the temptation to publicly pile-on against Alex Rodriguez It is equally troubling that the MLB-appointed Panel Arbitrator will himself be appearing in the “60 Minutes” segment, and that Tony Bosch, MLB’s principal witness, is appearing on the program with MLB’s blessing.

MLB’s post-decision rush to the media is inconsistent with our collectively-bargained arbitration process, in general, as well as the confidentiality and credibility of the Joint Drug Agreement, in particular. After learning of tonight’s “60 Minutes” segment, Players have expressed anger over, among other things, MLB’s inability to let the result of yesterday’s decision speak for itself. As a result, the Players Association is considering all legal options available to remedy any breaches committed by MLB.

MLB responded to MLBPA, by the way:

We have notified the Major League Baseball Players Association on numerous occasions that we intended to respond to all of the attacks on the integrity of our Joint Drug Program. Those attacks continued yet again yesterday with Mr. Rodriguez’s statement. Out of respect to the grievance process and at the request of the MLBPA, we waited until a decision was rendered to make our response.

It is ironic that the MLBPA is complaining about MLB’s participation in this program given that Mr. Rodriguez’s lawyer is also participating in the show.

As to Mr. Bosch’s appearance, he is not controlled by us and is entitled to speak however he chooses about his interactions with Mr. Rodriguez.

At this stage, everyone gets a #NoMames, because in the end, baseball fans have become so cynical, most of us really don’t care about the reputation of a very rich ballplayer whose worried about his reputation. Take a number, ARod.