#NoMames Video: María Conchita Alonso Supports Anti-Immigration Candidate Tim Donnelly

Jan 15, 2014
6:12 PM

Talk about bizarre Latino outreach.


As La Opinión reports, singer/actress María Conchita Alonso, appeared in a YouTube expressing her support for Tim Donnelly, a controversial Tea Party state assemblyman running for governor of California.

Watch the video. It is trying to be funny.

The response to the video has caused some online Latinos to do a double take, since the Georgia-born Donnelly is known as kind of a neo-nativist Minuteman tool, who apparently has big balls.

Here is just an early sampling of what is being said:

By the way, when confronted with the tweets, Alonso shared this about her views on immigration:


Meanwhile, Cafe con Leche Republicans sent us the following statement:

The Tim Donnelly ad with Maria Conchita Alonso ad is so bad it’s almost laughable. The ad seems designed to appeal to Hispanic voters, but instead insults the intelligence of many Hispanic voters. Maria Conchita Alonso is no doubt a great actress, but as we’ve seen time and time again movie stars often lack common sense.

The ad won’t help Tim Donnelly with Hispanics, who has a mountain of baggage due to past hostile attitudes towards Hispanics, his leadership with the California Minutemen, not to mention he’s also a convicted criminal on probation. Tim Donnelly first surfaced over allegations a ten year old boy of Mexican descent sexually molested a white girl, and immediately assumed the boy was the son of unauthorized Mexican immigrants when there was no information at all about the parents’ legal status. Donnelly has a record of assuming that Mexican = illegal.

The Minutemen collapsed under the weight of internal squabbles over millions in missing funds. The internal squabbles, lawsuits, etc. over millions in missing funds was followed by the massacre of a family of Mexican-American citizens in Arizona at the hands of Minutemen, including a nine-year old girl who was shot point blank in the head as she begged and pleased for her life. The ringleader of the massacre in Arizona, Shawna Forde, sits on death row in Arizona.

Shawna Forde and Tim Donnelly served on the same leadership team under Jim Gilchrist. Hispanics know who the Minutemen are, and while Tim Donnelly may run from Shawna Forde he cannot hide. He’s wide open to attack ads from Democrats.

We believe that if Tim Donnelly at the top of the ticket is a trainwreck waiting to happen, because he’s so vulnerable to attack by Democrats seeking to turn out Hispanic voters. In Colorado, Tom Tancredo’s presence on the ballot for Governor resulted in a massive turnout by Latino voters who overwhelmingly voted for the Democratic candidate, and generally voted Democrat down the line. Just as Tancredo’s gubenatorial candidacy proved disastrous for the Colorado GOP, so too will be Tim Donnelly’s candidacy for the CA GOP, unless of course he loses in the primary.