Alonso About Minuteman Tim Donnelly: I Should Have Googled Him in Spanish, Too

Jan 22, 2014
2:48 PM

Another day, another explanation from singer/actress María Conchita Alonso, who really needs to step away from the interviews and the attention. Yesterday CNN reported that Alonso thought the immigration positions of former Minuteman and current California GOP candidate Tim Donnelly had more to do with stopping “Arabs” at the border and than stopping “Mexicans.” Latino Rebels questioned if Alonso really did any research about Donnelly before she did a YouTube video with him last week.


Now, in an interview in Spanish HuffPost Voces, Alonso admits that she should have done more Google research on Donnelly. Here is what she said (our translation follows Spanish):

María Conchita, ¿por qué decidiste hacer este video y apoyar la campaña de un político con historial Anti-inmigrante?

Antes de hacer el video yo Googled a Tim Donnelly, pero mi error fue haberlo hecho solo en inglés, no en español, entonces yo no vi nada de todo esto de la inmigración, de los indocumentados. Cuando empiezo a conocer todo eso es que me doy cuenta.

María Conchita, why did you decide to make this video and support the political campaign of a politician with an anti-immigrant history?

Before I made the video, I Googled Tim Donnelly, but my mistake is that I only did it in English, and not in Spanish, so I didn’t see nothing about immigration, about the undocumented. When I begin to learn more about all that, then I realize it.

Guess Alonso didn’t Google Donnelly’s own campaign site (in English, by the way):

Immigration: As our border remains ever more porous, the costs of illegal immigration continue to mount. The legislature cuts our education and law enforcement budgets yet passes horrific entitlements costing us billions!
This is above all a rule-of-law issue. Instead of punishing those who have entered our country illegally, our state’s leaders have chosen to create greater incentives for this illegal behavior including free healthcare, free education, and now free college.

While the rest of the legislature was on recess, I spent my vacation leading the campaign to overturn the California DREAM Act, the bill that would give those illegal immigrants free taxpayer funded college tuition money.

In my first year in office, I introduced legislation to bring SB 1070, the Arizona Law, to California and stop sanctuary cities—jurisdictions that refuse to enforce immigration laws.

Alonso also said the following when asked about Donnelly’s immigration positions:

¿Habías hablado con él sobre su opinión con respecto a los inmigrantes?

Sí y le había compartido mi posición sobre los inmigrantes “ilegales” que parece que esa palabra no se puede decir y tengo que decir “indocumentados”. Para mí los que llevan ya tiempo en el país, que aportan, que paguen sus impuestos, que no tienen récord criminal, yo estoy de acuerdo que a esas personas se los ayuden y lo que no han hecho nada de eso, los malos, a esos hay que sacarlos ya, hay que sacar a los que están en la cárceles y mandarlos a las cárceles de sus países. No tenemos por qué mantener a esa gente con nuestro dinero. Él estuvo de acuerdo hasta que se desató todo esto, pero no es más que otro dolor de cabeza en mi carrera.

Had you spoken to him about his opinion about immigrants?

Yes, and I had shared my position on that “illegal” immigrants is a word that should not be used and that you should say “undocumented.” For me, those who have been here a long time in this country, who are providers, who pay their taxes, who don’t have a criminal record, I agree that we should help those people and those that have not done nothing, the bad ones, those you have to take out of the country already, you have to get those who are in out prisons and send them to prisons in their countries. We should not take care of these people with our money. He agreed to that until he unleashed all this, but now it is just another headache in my career.

In the interview, Alonso also said that she hurt the fans that have adored her. She also said she is not a racist person who has always fought for “human rights, animal rights and oppressed minorities like gay people.” When asked why she was attracted to Donnelly, Alonso said that “he wasn’t a radical, that he listen and he can change his opinion.” Alonso also said that Donnelly’s son is married to a Mexican woman and that his other son has a Puerto Rican girlfriend, and that people should respect that.