Why We Love Grammy-Winning Band La Santa Cecilia

Jan 27, 2014
1:39 PM

Last night, LA’s La Santa Cecilia (Marisol Hernandez, Miguel Ramirez, Jose “Pepe” Carlos,  Alex Bendaña) won a Grammy for Best Latin Rock, Urban Or Alternative Album. That album is called “Treinta Días” and if you don’t have it, get it. Like today.


Ever since the band produced Ice El Hielo last spring, we have always loved them. But after last night, we loved them even more. Here are some of our reasons.

Even when they are being interviewed by some CBS dude who has no clue about them, the group is still really welcoming and loving. Watch this from last night. Talk about educating people, one interview at a time. (By the way, the band also dedicated their win to the the country’s undocumented. And yeah, band member Pepe Carlos is a DREAMer.)

Then they did this on their Facebook last night:


How can you hate on that?

Another thing: the band’s music is good. Like real good. Just listen.