Mainstream Media Finally Wakes Up to Fact that Americans on Twitter Don’t Like Multilingual Commercials

Feb 3, 2014
8:07 AM

The most ironic thing about the whole Coca-Cola multilingual Super Bowl Ad “Twitter outrage?” The first piece we read about it (besides on Twitter) was on E! Online:

E! Online. Looks like neo-nativist ignorance has now become entertainment news.


All because of this:

The news also appeared on TIME.

And perhaps this is a good thing, because all this mainstream attention very likely inspired some really bitter person to create a #SpeakAmerican hashtag that is now trending on Twitter:

Here’s the scoop: stories like these have become clockwork. Our friend, the great Lalo Alcaraz, said it best when he tweeted to us:

It has been “too easy” for a long time, and to be honest with you, these types of stories have been going on for years. However, you gotta love the fact that several English-language outlets were all over it last night. Exposing ignorance is an important job. Let the tweets speak for themselves.

By the way, you know we’re talking about Coca-Cola here, right? How bad is it really if less people in this country drink Coke? Yeah, even the haters.