Must Be a New Year: Columbia Sorority Latest to Dress Up as “Mexicans”

Feb 23, 2014
5:13 PM

Does anyone not search the Internet before they consider new college parties? We guess not. The latest example of in cultural appropriation comes from Columbia University, as reported by the school’s paper, The Columbia Spectator:

Two Facebook photos posted and later removed showed students in Columbia’s chapter of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority wearing sombreros, mustaches, and shirts with Mexican flags and slogans that read “Down to Fiesta” at an event Saturday night.

The photos, which included sisters wearing the Greek letter theta on their T-shirts, were posted by sorority president Katie Barclay, CC ’15.

The Spec also posted this:

kappa alpha edited

Via The Columbia Spectator

According to the Spec and Bwog, the Kappa Alpha Theta mixer was following an Olympic theme. If that is the case, the students dressed up as Mexicans didn’t get the memo about how to truly dress up like a Mexican Olympian. Imagine if the Columbia students showed up in these:


Now THAT would have been bad-ass and creative, but alas, here we go again. Columbia joins the growing list of other schools who think it’s so hip to dress up in sombreros and mustaches. Baylor. Penn State. Etc. Etc.

By the way, The Spec has already reached out to campus groups for reaction. So expect the typical apologies in 3… 2… 1…

(H/T to @AndreaGarVar.)