Agency That Created “Juanito the Illegal Immigrant” UN Campaign Was Named 2013 Agency of Year

Feb 25, 2014
8:00 AM

As we wait to hear back from 72 and Sunny, the global ad agency responsible for a bizarrely offensive “Juanito the Illegal Immigrant” campaign for a UNHATE program sponsored by Benetton and the United Nations, we failed to mention in our original story that the agency was named Ad Week’s Agency of the Year in 2013.

According the article, some of 72 and Sunny’s clients include Samsung, Target, ESPN, Google and Starbucks. A full list of its executive team is here. Based in Los Angeles (and Amsterdam), let’s just say that the team’s leadership team lacks diversity, but that doesn’t surprise us.

Meanwhile, our community has already begun to weigh in on the campaign.


As expected, reaction to it hasn’t been positive, to say the least:

And then there is this from our Facebook page: “Wrong in [sic] so many levels.”

We know that these kinds of agencies are trying to “push the envelope” with new ways to generate buzz. The “satire” lacks any depth and the casual use of “illegal immigrant” is beyond troubling. Someone actually paid someone else to create this campaign. This is the United Nations we are talking about. Do we even continue? And even though the UNHATE campaign once did this…

…Juanito 2014 doesn’t even come close.


It really doesn’t. We explain why here.