Be the Solution: Support Original and Authentic Latin@ Comedy

Mar 11, 2014
3:33 PM

Comedy is a tough industry and the nature and pressure of the SNL schedule is even harder. We have a lot of peers, acquaintances, and friends on the show, so it’s tough for us to completely blame the performers for the lack of ingenuity because, to be honest, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again until we’re blue in the face.

The true work of shifting the Latino perspective in mainstream media, needs to happen from the INSIDE OUT.

This is why as Latina comedians, we’re not getting caught up in the “why” and “how could they’s” but more so, in the solution. Be confident. There are people like us.


Here are just three other examples:

Our vibrant Chicago community of Latino Actors (#lactors)

The Comedy Girls out of NYC

East Willy B

We are writing. We are producing. We are up countless nights working on our projects. We collaborate and work together to the point of frustration if needed, just so that we can collaborate to find OUR voice and finally see ourselves reflected in the screen.

Support your Latino comedians, filmmakers, writers, producers, actors… we’re out there. Find our pages on Facebook, search on YouTube, subscribe to our channels and move away from the negativity of the “why.” Take your positivity, tell your stories, and support those paving the way so that we can start changing the conversation.

And of course, as always: #makeyourown.


Dominizuelan (Lorena Díaz and Wendy Mateo) is a comedy duo from Chicago. The Chicago Tribune wrote that the group “contains the kind of sharply honed humor that isn’t afraid to stare down cultural stereotypes–even stereotypes other than their own.” Follow them @Dominizuelan.