Dear English-Language Media: Please #RespectTheÑ

Mar 23, 2014
1:10 PM

With the new César Chávez movie coming out this week, we kind of knew that the last name of actor Michael Peña (who plays the lead) would get botched several times. No ñ. While some English-language outlets have learned to #RespectTheÑ, a few of them (see NBC News below, and Variety, for example) seem to be averse to adding the ñ.


Even Peña seems to agree as this 2011 video from mun2 explains.

Although in fairness, Peña’s own Twitter profile has him listed at Michael Pena. Add that mustache, Michael. #RespectTheÑ.

How did this all begin? Blame the Associated Press, who continues to be stuck in the past:

Looks like readers are keen to the AP’s weak explanation: