This Causa’s For You: Budweiser Front and Center in “César Chávez” Movie Push

Mar 31, 2014
10:31 AM

2012, for example, the UFW had to respond to this image, which caused some concern:


In the 2012 story, the UFW said the following as part of its statement:

The local Bakersfield, California Budweiser distributorship was among many sponsors of the recent UFW convention celebrating our 50th anniversary. These sponsorships helped pay the costs of meals three times a day over four days for the hundreds of farm worker delegates, their families and thousands of guests who joined us for the convention. These sponsorships meant the UFW was able to spend the union’s other scarce resources—specifically our members’ hard-earned dues money—on organizing workers, helping them win union contracts, sponsoring key legislative reforms and getting more money into farm workers’ pockets.

There are some 700 local Budweiser distributorships across the nation. The UFW has maintained a 30-year relationship with the local California-based Budweiser distributor that helped sponsor the convention. That relationship began when Cesar Chavez led UFW. We understand that the wife of U.S. Senator John McCain, who supports SB 1070, owns an interest in one of the 700 local Bud distributorships, in Phoenix, Arizona. We appreciate that some people therefore believe that distributor supports SB 1070. However, the local California distributorship that made the donation to the UFW convention neither supports SB 1070 nor the politicians who support that Arizona law.

While UFW delegates debated and discussed many issues during their convention and in subsequent meetings, no UFW delegate complained about this sponsorship. Some UFW supporters did express concerns about the sponsorship, although not always for the same reason. Many farm workers who are protected by UFW contracts labor in wine grape production and we represent workers at both small and large wineries. They, and we, are very proud of their work.

So are we surprised that Bud is all in for La Causa for a Hollywood film? No. But you have to admit, the following images from Bud’s Twitter profile are clearly some bad optics. (We wonder if a movie about say, MLK, would have a huge honking Bud logo visible.)



Then there is this video, which is also making the rounds:

But we kind of already knew it from years ago, and as one fan who grew up with the UFW said: “Trust me on this one. At every wedding, anniversary, holiday, christening, confirmation, etc. at La Paz there were cases upon cases of Budweiser. So it has been the “official beer” of La Causa for as
long as I can remember. Lol. Us kids on the other hand got shafted with generic powdered punch in a 5 gallon yellow cooler.”

So yeah, we are not surprised, just as we are not surprised that even Wells Fargo (you know, that bank that used to fund private prisons which detains immigrants) also had some skin in this Hollywood game:

Sponsorship is one thing. Awkward pictures are another. Nothing surprises us any more.