What the Neo-Nativists Say About #2Million2Many

Apr 6, 2014
10:12 PM

Take a moment and read what the “other side” had to say about this weekend’s #2Million2Many demonstrations. The following email comes from a group called “Help Save Maryland.” It is a real email, which we did not edit. We decided to add our response to this letter first before we ran it. Here is our response:


Here is the email:

Help Save Maryland Crashes Amnesty Party in Lafayette Park

Special thanks to the Help Save Maryland supporters from MD and VA who took the time to come to DC Saturday afternoon to let the illegal alien community know up close and personal that Amnesty is not an option for criminal lawbreakers.

I’m sure CASA of Maryland, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the other radical groups at Lafayette Park had to be quite disappointed at the low turnout for the DC event, part of a multi-state event to push Amnesty and lawlessness. Other then Telemundo, there were no legitimate press/media covering the event. None. Shocking.


It was a typical CASA/SEIU event with lots of white Spanish speaking handlers coaching a small group of illegal aliens who spoke little to zero English. Many had those nice red CASA wool caps on. Did not see what was provided in the standard CASA provided box lunch. 90% of the event was in Spanish. There was a sprinkling of Georgetown students there.

HSM members had some good conversations with many there, explaining our position on the rule of law, what national borders are and why we have them, why we think Amnesty is unfair to legal immigrants and more. Even filled some folks in on the colorful flag we had flying below the large Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me) Flag – It was our Maryland flag!

Highlights of the afternoon

(1) After we walked around and through the illegal alien gatherers and talked with Telemundo & some radical press folks, a couple of the El Jefe (Spanish for the boss) types came over and asked if we were with Help Save Maryland. Nice to be recognized! I believe they were SEIU leaders.

(2) – This one guy from CASA was intent on showing me his CASA of Maryland ID card. Not a clue why. Maybe because he knows Maryland taxpayers actually fund the ID card and organization. I gave him a HSM business card in return.

Lowlights of the afternoon

(1) Was quite disappointed with the knowledge base and line of reasoning being utilized by the few Georgetown students and other young illegal aliens we met. They just could not hold a conversation and defend the positions provided by CASA, SEIU and the other radical groups. My favorite was that thousands of illegals die trying to cross the “militarized” southern border each year, so therefore we should open the border; My other favorite, Why can’t you just show up in the U.S., get a job and just stay? Why would this make the unemployment situation worse for Black and Hispanic citizens?

I think these Third World youngsters have no conception of the rule of law, economics or basic rights or wrongs. Never taught it in the Third World countries they came from. Certainly hanging out with CASA or SEIU types will not provide it. Sadly, they are the “Dreamers” we give In-State College Tuition to as well as other taxpayer funded social services. These are not the next generation of American leaders we want!

(2) The CASA/SEIU “Jefes” found a Black Preacher to get up on the stage and rant about how Amnesty for illegals is the next Civil Rights movement in the United States. Yikes. More than half the small crowd had no idea what he was saying since he spoke in English. He obviously came for the CASA of Maryland provided boxed lunch. Did have on a nice black beret similar to what Che Guevara wore from time to time!