Little Caesar’s “Combo Mambo” Commercial: Ugh…

Apr 14, 2014
12:32 PM

Before we talk about Little Caesar’s annoyingly awful “Combo Mambo” commercial, we would love to ask the pizza chain if they plan to do another commercial showing off other “vintage” music styles? Maybe one inspired by this video?

That’s our point. As “hip” as the following “Combo Mambo” ad is to the masses, it brings “progress” back by a few decades. You know, because we Latinos love feathered mambo suits. But, hey, give them what they want.

And we know, what the people will say: It’s pizza! Don’t be so sensitive. Well, some of you were “sensitive” when another chain got in trouble for an ad actually a bit more authentic than the mambo guys. And Combo Mambo is high-end wit compared to this:

To ALL the AGENCIES that continue to pimp Latino lameness because that is now the IT thing, no thanks.

Would it been THAT HARD to get an actual modern-day mambo troupe to do the commercial? Here’s one:

We’d definitely buy pizza from that group. For sure.