They Got Marriage Equality…. Then Got Taken Away (VIDEO)

May 1, 2014
8:58 AM

Once again, compassion is absent from the current political landscape that is immigration reform. While politicians from both sides of the aisles posture, real stories like the video below continue to get shared. If you don’t get emotional after seeing this video, you have serious issues.

And before you say that this mother’s focus is misguided, we ask you this: put yourself in her shoes. This is real. And if you say that that women is being “used” and “manipulated” by “radicals,” we will remind you all: if it weren’t for these so-called “radicals,” the immigration reform issue would have never gotten this much attention in 2014. Reform was about to disappear, but pressure mounted and mounted. Now, reform is the talk of Washington again. How can you not miss it if you were any way near the AFL-CIO building last night in DC?

We said it before and we will say it again: all of Washington DC has failed on immigration reform. You have one group (Republicans) that does not care (vote them out) and one group (Democrats) that lacks backbone, trying to string along US Latino voters. It is tragic. We’ve been played, and continue to do so. Vote them out, and have leaders who lead. That’s not complicated.

Like one of our contributors suggested: Have a heart.