Cinco De Mayo Becomes #CincoDeFallo

May 5, 2014
9:15 PM

We won’t pretend that #CincoDeFallo came from us, it was @MichaelCalienes who coined the phrase. Nonetheless, we are glad that he did, and then let us know about it, because how best to describe all the failed ideas from brands today? Yup, #CincoDeFallo.

Michael started the day with a few good ones.

Then there is this one. Seriously, this is what a brand did today on Twitter.

Another one.

It keeps going.

This one is not even creative.

Ok, back to the silly.


It keeps going.

Of course.

So what is your #CincoDeFallo for today? Here are some we already got:

Then there are these, which we found:

#CincoDeFallo indeed.