ABC Gives the Green Light to Cristela Alonzo’s New Sitcom: There Is Hope

May 16, 2014
10:59 AM

Maybe just maybe some networks are starting to listen.


This week, ABC announced that it would be picking up “Cristela,” starring the very talented Cristela Alonzo.

Despite some silly headlines by the Hollywood press (“Cristela Alonzo Brings Mexican-American Humor And A Laugh Track To ABC’s Lineup”), let’s just say this: there is now a TV sitcom with a Latina character as the lead—a Latina character who is not a maid, a Latina character who doesn’t speak with a crazy bad accent or is oversexualized (hello, Sofía), a Latina character who (wait for it) is from here and represents a great majority of real Latina women we know.

That alone is reason enough to give “Cristela” a chance. We sure will.