#NoMames: There Are Now Zapatista Burrito Bars in Newcastle, England

May 21, 2014
10:31 AM

And the cultural appropriation hits keep on coming. Today, we present the Zapatista Burrito Bar from the city of Newcastle in clueless old England. We guess the locals love it, since a second location is already being built.


According to its Twitter profile, it likes to say “HOLA, GRINGOS” and encourages patrons to “GRAB A FISTFUL OF MEXICAN FLAVOURS.” (UK spelling, of course.)

You can also “become a Zapatista.”


Now, for the uninitiated (at this stage, we would think it is just a handful of people), a few things:

  • Those in the know would be quick to tell you that burritos have nothing to do with Zapatistas or Chiapas at all. We won’t even go there.
  • Guess the owners in Newcastle don’t watch BBC news.

But hey, it’s the UK, what else would you expect? They seem to love mocking Mexicans. Every time we bring this up, people in the UK call us “too sensitive.”

We say this: