Actual Puerto Ricans Want Puerto Rico to Become Part of Spain Again

Jun 10, 2014
5:15 PM

File this one under “Colonialism is Still Colonialism.” A new social media page calling for Puerto Rico’s return to Spain has gotten media attention on the island, the U.S. and of course, Spain. And guess what? The organizers are serious about it.


A Facebook page is calling (in Spanish) for the “Reunification of Puerto Rico with Spain.” No, we’re serious. The page already has over 2,000 likes and it’s growing, thanks to the media attention.

This is what the group’s founder told Fox News Latino:

“The U.S. distorted our history. Nobody here knows we were Spanish citizens with full voting rights until the 1898 invasion. The United States denies us that right,” said Jose Nieves, the founder of the Puerto Rico Reunification With Spain group, to Fox News Latino.

“The Puerto Rican culture is disappearing,” added Nieves, 42, a history buff with a criminology degree from the Caribbean University.

He noted that Puerto Rico was a colony of Spain for more than four centuries and in 1897 even had a charter that gave it sovereignty as an overseas Spanish province.

So, let’s get this straight: Puerto Rico is a colony and it wants to go back to being a colony? Apparently. Nieves, according to the FNL piece, is not joking: “We want to become Spaniards again, to be autonomous community No. 18 of a country that we never wanted to abandon.”

Psst, Mr. Nieves, here’s a crazy thought: How about you start becoming Puerto Ricans instead?

Meanwhile, people on the Facebook page are REALLY excited (yeah, some guy is even suggesting the same thing happen to Cuba AND the Dominican Republic). What started out as a small number of Puerto Ricans has now included actual Spaniards, who by the way, are having their own issues with this whole monarchy thing and oh, yeah, economic problems as well. What better way to bring back the good old days by getting all colonial again?

¡Que viva la colonia!