Proyecto Más Color Campaign Calls for More Diversity in Latino Media

Jun 12, 2014
10:32 PM

The Proyecto Más Color campaign is using an online petition and social media “to promote the awareness of the lack of representation of Afro-Latinos and other minority groups in Latin American media.”

The following video explains more about the project:

As the Proyecto Más Color organizers say on their petition site:

This is important because there has been a lack of representation of the diversity of the Latino culture, especially regarding the representation of Afro-Latinos. The only explanation for this disparity is discrimination. The younger generation of Afro-Latinos needs role models to look up to. Afro-Latinos have been opressed for too long. We have the right to be represented in Latino media. This is a call for a change! We would appreciate your support in this mission.

To support Proyecto Más Color, sign the group’s online petition and also like the group on Facebook. The campaign is also on Twitter.