FIFA Won’t Penalize Mexico for Fans’ Puto Chants

Jun 23, 2014
1:04 PM

One of the more interesting backstories surrounding the World Cup looks like a non-issue, now that FIFA has weighed in today with a statement about coordinated “puto” chants by Mexican fans at this year’s global tournament:

Disciplinary proceedings were opened against Mexico for improper conduct of spectators during the match, Mexico v Cameroon.

The FIFA disciplinary committee has decided that the incident in question is not considered insulting in this specific contest. All charges against the Mexican FA have been dismissed.


After getting called out on it last week by Outsports, the online world was abuzz about whether the word “puto” was indeed a homophobic slur. Several noted cultural commentators and anti-discrimination groups in Mexico said that it is. Mexico’s own national coach told people to chill out.

Now it looks like nothing will come out of it, even though last year, FIFA made a big deal of how football can “break down barriers” and spoke out against any form of discrimination, whether it was race, religion or gender.

Ahh, FIFA. No wonder no one likes you guys.