Watch Glenn Beck Slam US Latin American Policy and Tell People to ‘Open Our Hearts’ for Migrant Children (VIDEO)

Jul 9, 2014
8:59 AM

This happened yesterday. Watch. What is going in this world?

Did we just watch what we thought we watched? Glenn Beck actually offered analysis about Central America, too, as well as U.S. Latin American policy.

Our cynical question: how many Latinos evangelicals are subscribing to The Blaze?

But still… Glenn Beck?

This is surreal. Ok, he did use the “illegals” as a noun. What’s the catch?

According to an executive producer from The Blaze, there is none:

UPDATE, July 9, 2014: We KNEW there was a catch. Here is an excerpt from another post Beck wrote just yesterday:

You are paying a real cost with your children… There’s a town in North Carolina that the kids now speak Spanish. There are more Spanish speaking kids than there are English speaking kids. Well, that’s because the federal government has been busing people in. Well I’ve got news for you, that fundamentally changes the culture of my town. It now has to change the teachers. I have to change the way they think. If I like my school, they have fundamentally changed it because now it will not work the way it worked when everybody was speaking English. That is not judgment on the people that don’t speak English. It is an excoriation of the United States government failing to do its most basic duty.