Watch as Three Tea Party Members Trespass a Migrant Refugee Site in California (VIDEO)

Jul 14, 2014
8:41 AM

The following video shot by Justice for Immigrants Coalition (JFIC) coordinator Fernando Romero was taken at a migrant refugee site in California’s Inland Empire. Watch as three individuals trespassed the site as a means of making their point. The site houses migrant families and children.

We also received this message in Spanish (which we translated to English):

“Esta es el tipo de gente que mañana estará protestando la presencia de los hermanos refugiados en la Iglesia de San Jose en Fontana. A solicitud expresa de la iglesia, no haremos acto de presencia para evitar conflictos y le estamos pidiendo a los que nos leen que se abstengan de acudir a contra-protestar en respeto a la Iglesia y sus feligreses. Insistir en hacer mas grande el asunto solo va a dificultar el trabajo humanitario que se esta llevando a cabo con nuestros hermanos refugiados. Se agradece su cooperación!!”

“These are the kind of people who tomorrow will be protesting the presence of refugee brothers and sisters at the Church of San Jose in Fontana. To honor a specific request from the church, we will not make an appearance to avoid conflict and we are asking that we read to refrain from going to counter-protest in regards to the Church and its parishioners. Insisting on making this thing bigger will only hinder the humanitarian work being carried out for our refugee brothers and sisters. We appreciate your cooperation!”