DREAMers Erika Andiola & Cesar Vargas Confront Rep. Steve King (VIDEO)

Aug 5, 2014
7:12 AM

The following happened in Iowa on Monday. Immigration activists Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas confronted Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) walked away. King, as you know, is not a big fan of DREAMers. Or immigrants. Or Latinos.

At the beginning of the video after Andiola asked King if he would like to rip up her DACA card, Rep. King said, “You understand the English language, right?” It only get worse. Watch.

Talk about awkward. No wonder Sen. Paul walked away.

Also at the end of the video, someone in the back is saying, “Go home! Take care of your own!”

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