Gene Simmons Needs to Step Away from Immigration Debate: ‘Learn to Speak Goddamn English’

Aug 12, 2014
4:40 PM

If you can get pass all the shameless plugs Kiss legend Gene Simmons makes below, just watch this following segment from Monday’s “Huff Post Live.”

What we DIDN’T hear from Simmons? “I got mine, so tough shit.”

The irony of it all? New immigrants, specifically from Latin America (yeah, Gene, we know what you were saying when you meant “immigrants”), are doing extremely well when it comes understanding the importance of speaking and learning “goddamn English.”

Even so, while English use among Latinos is higher in later generations and Spanish use is lower, Spanish use persists among the third generation. In daily activities such as listening to music, watching television or even thinking, significant shares of third-generation Latinos use Spanish, the Pew Hispanic survey shows.

According to the survey, fully 87% of Hispanics believe Hispanic immigrants need to learn English to succeed in the U.S. But at the same time, nearly all (95%) Hispanic adults believe it is important for future generations of Hispanics in the U.S. to be able to speak Spanish.

In fact, the newest wave of immigrants isn’t that much different from previous groups when it comes to “goddamn English” as Simmons would lead you to believe. To think that Simmons has more in common with the Murrieta protesters than you think.

Oh, have the mighty have fallen.