Creators of ‘Frack U. Mexico’ Take on Story of Central American Migrants in Mexico

Aug 26, 2014
2:45 PM

Remember the guys behind “Frack U. Mexico?” It looks like the filmmaker who created Joe T. Hodo is at it again, this time asking people to help him fund, as he calls it, “the story of Central American migrants in Mexico…and the media’s stupidity in covering it.”

Thousands of migrants travel from Central America through Mexico to the United States every day. This is not a new thing. But this year, media in the U.S. and Mexico seem to have “discovered” that it is happening on a grand scale. Images and reports of detention centers filled with young migrants flooded social media and cable news this summer, and hundreds of “experts” gave their opinion about what’s causing so much migration and what needs to be done.

Lots of media like to focus on the horrors, dangers and suffering that migrants face. But there is almost no coverage of the organizing work that Central American and Mexican organizers are doing to put an end to those horrors. Migrants are organizing to keep themselves safe, and to demand protection and an end to corruption from Mexican authorities. These organizers are also working to build economic alternatives to migration in their home countries, and forging alliances with immigrants in the U.S. They are making history and changing the world.

If you are interested in helping the team finish the project go here.