Dear HBO Latino: No, We’re Not Interested in Promoting Your New Series About High-End Brazilian Hookers

Sep 3, 2014
3:12 PM

Not a day goes by where we don’t get pitched. The vast majority of emails we get come from independent artists, musicians, filmmakers or authors asking if we can check out their work and if we like it, can we help promote it. Most of the the time we do. However, here is an example of a case where we don’t—part of an email we got from HBO Latino today:


This fall we are promoting a new and exciting series from Brazil named El Negocio and our team is looking for influencers to support our promotional efforts.

About El Negocio
The series tells the story of Karin, Luna and Magali, three beautiful and intelligent women who come together with the idea of revolutionizing their profession, high-end escorts. Given the limited prospects for professional growth they face, they have a vision: if behind every product there is a marketing strategy, why not apply the same techniques to the oldest profession in the world. Karin, Luna and Magali are ladies of a luxury company, ready to become true business women.

We are looking for influencers like you to push content on Twitter every day for a week (assets will be provided) and participate in a Twitter Chat to promote an online screening of the series, next Wednesday, September 10th. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in supporting so that we can offer you more details.


Just no.

Good luck with your imported hooker show from Brazil, HBO Latino.

Next time, we encourage you to do a little bit more homework before sending us emails such as that one you sent.