Los Angeles’ GOOD Magazine Kind of Apologizes for Tweeting About Mexico’s Less ‘Douchey’ Holiday

Sep 17, 2014
9:27 AM

GOOD magazine is a Los Angeles-based “magazine for the global citizen.” The magazine’s Twitter profile has over 930,000 followers, and yesterday morning, GOOD’s Twitter decided to tweet this out:


The reference to Mexico’s September 16 Independence Day holiday as being “less douchey” than Cinco de Mayo, led you to a story called, “Put on a Fake Mustache for Mexico’s Independence Day.” The story’s juxtapositioning of details was ridiculous (“Independence Day is a celebration of sombreros and silliness in Mexico, but it recognizes an important spirit, one of pride, joy, and resilience.”), and as expected, reaction on Twitter to the “less douchey” text was negative:

Others also commented on the actual story:

Last night, GOOD tweeted us the following:

It was kind of an apology, we think. So we asked them this:

GOOD has yet to tweet back anything else.

Nonetheless, Gustavo Arellano won the Internet yesterday with his reply about it all: