English-Language TV Networks Get ‘Mixed Bag’ Review in 2014 National Latino Media Council Diversity Report

Sep 19, 2014
8:50 AM

Released yesterday, the National Latino Media Council (NLMC) gave English-language TV networks in the U.S. a “mixed bag” review for “the 2013-2014 television season, based on the employment of Latino actors, writers, producers, directors, and entertainment executives; program development; procurement; and commitment to diversity and transparency.”


The top-line conclusions were shared in a press release:

ABC: Mediocre 
ABC had the most Latino scripted actors, and it also led the pack in terms of Latino writers and producers. However, the network underwhelmed with regard to Latino directors and unscripted talent. ABC is to be commended for its excellent quantity of initiatives to infuse more people of color into its ranks.

CBS’ performance is lagging in nearly every category, including Latino on-screen talent in scripted and unscripted roles. The network shows promise with regard to Latino writers, producers, and directors, but progress remains slow. However, CBS stands out with a Latina entertainment executive, entertainment chairman Nina Tassler, at the helm.

FOX: Mediocre
FOX has made great strides in augmenting the amount of Latino actors, as well as improving portrayals. Behind the camera, the network showed little improvement in hiring Latino writers, producers and directors. After two years of refusing to supply its diversity data to the coalition, Fox’s commitment to diversity had been in question—but the network is once again cooperating and showing a commitment to inclusion.

NBC showed great improvement with Latino actors in scripted roles and cast members in unscripted roles. The number of Latino writers and producers increased slightly, but the network had fewer Latino directors. NBC’s commitment to diversity shows in the programs it continues to support to help prepare diverse talent to work in the industry.

Former Congressman Esteban Torres, chair of the NLMC said, “It is clear there is a lot of room for improvement across the board. We will continue to work with the networks to ensure that positive internal changes take place to bring more Latinos in front and behind the camera.”

NLMC Secretariat Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, said, “It is important to recognize not only how far we’ve come, but also how far we have to go until television accurately reflects the reality that Latinos are an integral part of the American social fabric.”

You can read the entire report here:

NLMC 2014 Diversity Report