José Díaz-Balart Conducts Bilingual Interview on MSNBC, Causing Laura Ingraham to Freak the F Out

Sep 24, 2014
3:27 PM

Listen, we got to give it up to what MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart has been doing on this show recently. Very few cable news network hosts are covering the immigration debate as well as he and his time are doing right now. (If you disagree, then you really aren’t watching the show.) In addition, Díaz-Balart’s bilingual and bicultural journalism skills are on display every day. Such was the case on September 22, when the Telemundo news anchor a bilingual simultaneous translation segment with undocumented mom María Cruz, who recently protested at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee to raise awareness about that pesky immigration relief delay that continues to affect President Obama and Democrats.


It is safe to say that this could be probably one of the first times a mainstream cable news channel had a host conduct a bilingual interview on the fly. Granted, it might have been a bit bizarre for some, but for us, such a segment made sense. Díaz-Balart did his best to make it work and more importantly, he had a guest whose voice rarely gets heard on English-language TV in the U.S. For that, Díaz-Balart and his team should be applauded.

But as you might imagine, conservative talk host Laura Ingraham couldn’t take it. As Media Matters posted, Ingraham’s xenophobic rant is typical.

Mind you, Ingraham’s disrespect for Díaz-Balart and Cruz is not surprising. Nonetheless, with just a few months under his belt with the new MSNBC gig, Díaz-Balart is already getting the hate from Ingraham. Oh my God, people are talking in Spanish! With accents! In the United States! Run for your lives!

That’s a good sign, in our opinion. It means Ingraham is scared. Really scared.

(H/T @notebkoncinema)