Users Take to Yelp to Protest Berkeley Landscaper’s ‘F*cking Illegal Immigrants’ Email

Oct 3, 2014
8:20 AM

Yesterday morning we shared the news of an email exchange between a student member of UCal Berkeley’s Chican@/Latin@ Architecture Student Association and Sachi Landscape who wrote the following in response to the student’s request for a tour:


Reaction to the story went viral, with over 20,000 views in just hours and growing. Attempts to reach the owner of Sachi Landscape have been unsuccessful, not only for us, but also for other outlets, who have reported that business’s phone number has been temporarily disconnected. In addition, Sachi’s Facebook page is no longer on Facebook. It was on Facebook earlier yesterday morning, when people were posting comments.

Online users have now taken to Yelp to express their views against the email. Here are just some examples of the reviews being posted:

“I just bought a home and need my landscaping completely remodeled and I’ve gotten estimates of approximately $20k. I was going to ask for an estimate, but since I am Latino I guess we can’t work together. I’ll take my Latino dollars to a company who accepts Latino dollars. Thank you for exposing yourself and stopping me from spending my hard earned money with your company. Saved me a lot of time and trouble. But don’t worry, I’ll pass on the recommendation to my friends who just bought homes. Oh wait, they’re Latino too.”

“Don’t waste your time and money conducting business with a company that is so openly racist against an entire group of people for no apparent reason.”

“I read the email. It’s full of hate and trash. Just writing this I’ve spent to much time on this hateful person. It’s unacceptable to allow this type of hate to continue so I’ve spread the message on my social network and to let people who are considering to hire a landscaper, not to waste there time with this company. Instead seek out a professional Landscape Architect. Maybe even one that went to Berkeley!”

“Unfortunately there are people who may not agree with other’s beliefs. However, if you want your business to thrive it is important to accept all clients and help all people. Although I have not done business with this company directly, what was communicated to one of my Hermanas via email is incredibly racist and ignorant. No company deserves to thrive in a city like Berkeley, filled with people of all colors, with the morals and beliefs that this company represents. If I can rate the company zero stars I would.”

“I am very offended by the way this company responded to the Berkeley student group. Your email was racist and this is not acceptable, especially coming from a business that serves people of all backgrounds. This business is all about “harmonizing with the environment” but I guess that does not include people! This comment shows how they feel about a certain group of people and that’s unacceptable. Disgusted, sad, appalled by this companies comments!!!!”

“I called recently to inquire about services and was told to “piss off”. I couldn’t believe what I heard so I hung up, nearly crying. That email is true, do NOT cater to their blatant racism. Next stop, KTVU!”

“There is no excuse for showing racism towards anyone. Period. The United States is a melting pot of different cultures and should be embraced, not degraded. Shame on you, Sachi.”

“Well as an immigrant ill say… hasta la vista baby there goes your business. A simple no woulda sufficed no need to spew your ignorant racist thoughts. Que bueno que no fueron.”

By the way, those are the Yelp reviews that are on the main page. Here are the ones who didn’t even make Yelp’s recommended section or violated guidelines.

And then there is this one: