And in Louisiana, Democrat Mary Landrieu Gets All Neo-Nativist, Too

Oct 14, 2014
9:34 AM

Who said that all Democrats are all in with Latino voters? Last night, we shared the reprehensible immigration ad by Democratic candidate for Senate Alison Lundergan Grimes that is being played in Kentucky.

Today we share this ad by another Democrat: Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, who ran this ad a few weeks ago:

This Democrat sounds really progressive on immigration reform, huh? What is interesting to note is that in 2013, Landrieu wanted to make sure that her views on border security were clear: this wasn’t about “dumb fences” any more, it was about virtual ones.

These are the Democrats that are being touted as the people who will help “save” comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate. These are the ones we are told will “have our back,” that will work with President Obama to care for an issue the resonates deeply with the Latino community.

Yeah, right.

No wonder some Latino groups think candidates like Landrieu and others aren’t worthy of a vote from Latinos who care about real immigration reform.