This Is How You Respond to the Latin@ Ignorance of HBO and Starbucks

Oct 27, 2014
6:51 PM

Our friends at the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA) have a knack for cutting through the noise and getting to the issue. Last week, the NHFA wrote a letter to the respective heads of HBO and Starbucks about one very simple issue: Where are the Latino performers in the upcoming Concert for Valor being promoted by your companies?

Now the NHFA didn’t just get our #FTW love today because of it clearly showed how typical these large organizations act when it comes to U.S. Latinos, it’s the fact that the NHFA already gave HBO and Starbucks concrete solutions to quickly resolve their respective ignorance.

As the letter states: “Pursuant to our due diligence we are aware that the following Latino musical acts are available on November 11, 2014.” Los Tigres Del Norte, Lila Downs, La Santa Cecilia, Sergio Mendoza y La Orkesta, Natalia Clavier, Ceci Bastida and Gaby Moreno. The letter closes, “As advocates for the U.S. Latino community, we would like to set up a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss Latino inclusion in your musical show for veterans.”

Add some like-minded organizations at the end of the letter, and game over. Your move, HBO and Starbucks.

This Is How You Respond to HBO and Starbucks by Latino Rebels