We Are Now Executive Producers: REBEL REPORT Launches on Flama (VIDEO)

Nov 3, 2014
5:39 PM

Remember all those suggestions from you all asking, “When are you guys doing your own TV show?” or “Why don’t you guys start producing your own show?” Well, believe us, we have been trying to do a show for a while now, it was just a matter of time and creating the right format. After trying to get a show done somewhere (anywhere!), we got intrigued rather quickly when our friends at Flama reached out to us a few months ago.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of REBEL REPORT with host R.J. Aguiar.

rr_title_card_dark (1)

The first episode is at the end of this post. Yes, we plan to have one done every week. It is all new territory for us, but hey, time to enjoy the ride and see where it goes. If you ever want to pitch us story ideas, just tweet us @latinorebels or post on our Facebook. Give the guys at Flama a follow as well on Twitter. And let us know what you think!