#YaMeCansé Protest Videos from Last Night in Mexico

Nov 8, 2014
10:51 AM

After trending globally last night on Twitter, videos are starting to appear on Vine and YouTube showing scenes from last night’s demonstrations in Mexico City as well as calls by Mexicans expressing how they are already “tired” of the country’s situation.

The #YaMeCansé hashtag was created after Jesús Murillo Karam, Mexico’s attorney general, was finishing a press conference where he said that three members of the Guerreros Unidos gang confessed to burning to death the 43 missing Ayoztinapa students. Murillo Karam told everyone, “Ya me cansé,” (I am so done with this/I am so tired about this) and his subsequent eye roll became a symbol of yet another politician showing little concern for the country and the safety of its people.

That led to quick Twitter activity that went viral. As of this morning, the hashtag is still trending in Mexico, plus hashtags that are related to the Ayoztinapa protests, including mentions of Murillo Karam:


Here are some Vine and YouTube videos from last night’s protests:

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