Three More #Ayotzinapa Videos You Need to See

Nov 13, 2014
3:22 PM

As the news spreads about #Ayotzinapa all over the world though social media, here are three videos you need to check out.

From last night’s Netherlands-Mexico friendly in Amsterdam, Mexican sportswriter Iván Cañada recorded a Vine of Mexican fans shouting “¡Justicia!” (“Justice!”) during the match. So far, the Vine has gotten over 500,000 loops.

There is now an #Ayotzinapa corrido. It is highly critical of the Mexican government in this situation (“I don’t understand how you can sleep soundly, Mr. President.”), and as the singer says at one point: “Our students have disappeared all for expressing their thoughts.”

This final video shows students in Mexico City performing the voices of the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students. As one Facebook fan commented, “This video demonstrates the power of the theatre. The theatre can be an arena where artists can communicate powerful ideas. Bravo! These young artists did a fantastic piece of street theatre.” So far, this Facebook video has gotten over two million views.