La Madre Tierra Series: The Roske-Martínez Brothers

Nov 17, 2014
3:55 PM

To start a new collaboration between Latino Rebels and La Madre Tierra, we first look to the future with voices that give us hope. Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martínez is a world-renowned 14-year-old (yes, 14) indigenous climate activist and the very embodiment of this hopeful leadership.

La Madre Tierra spoke with Xiuhtezcatl in Colorado over the summer. Here is his story of conservation activism and how it was inspired out of his family’s Aztec heritage.

And in case the traditional, familial nature of Latino environmental activism has escaped you this far—just as we were getting ready to publish this first installment, we found that Xiuhtezcatl’s younger brother, Itzcuauhtli (all of 11 years old and an accomplished rapper, is currently undertaking a silent strike (he hasn’t spoken since October 29) to protest world leader’s inaction on climate change.


We’re looking forward to learn more and support the Roske-Martínez brothers as they endeavor to protect La Madre Tierra we all come from and live on.