Why Is Sammy Sosa All Blanquito and White Again?

Nov 18, 2014
3:25 PM

Ok, we don’t want to just sit here and judge what has been going on through Sammy Sosa’s cabeza in the last five years, but before we completely contradict ourselves and indeed judge, we will say this: in 1998, the year we thought baseball was more of an innocent sport than the drug-fueled fraud it eventually became, if you asked us, “Sosa or McGwire?” the answer was always “Sosa.”

We loved him. The attitude. The hustle. The proud Afro Latino trying to make baseball history. We truly loved him.

We even loved him even after he played with a corked bat later in his career.

Then things got weird.

First, the whole steroids thing. That was when Sosa testified in Congress and said that he couldn’t speak English, even though he never had a problem speaking English as a Cubbie.

After all that steroids craziness, this happened in 2009.


The news stung. A lot.

Granted, as early as last year, it looked like Sosa had moved away from his lighter skin phase, as this image from Getty shows.

There was also this 2013 webcast where Sammy looked more like himself.

Then just this past Saturday, Univision’s Raúl De Molina posted a Facebook picture of Sosa to celebrate the slugger’s birthday:

Ouch. Looks like El Blanquito Sammy was back.

Earlier this year, another De Molina tweet shared this:

A few months later, El Gordo posted this:

Yes, what you just witnessed is a progression of the Return of 2009 Sammy being tweeted and posted on social media. Why now?

Maybe Sosa should needs to read this.

As suspected, our community had a lot to say about Sammy’s Whiteness Tour. They know what’s up, and they are just as perplexed and disappointed.