New National Poll of U.S. Latino Voters Confirms (Yet Again) That Immigration Still Matters

Nov 25, 2014
10:30 AM

Unlike what some non-Latino reporters might tell you (seriously, you have to see who is criticizing this poll), the following poll conducted by Latino Decisions pretty much confirms yet again what anyone in the Latino media space has been telling you all along: immigration still matters to U.S. Latino voters.

National Poll of U.S. Latinos Finds Overwhelming Support For Executive Action on Immigration by Latino Rebels

You can access the toplines here, but this week’s poll is pretty much consistent with how this issue has resonated with U.S. Latino voters in recent years.

As for that reporter who has serious issues with the poll (it’s Nate Cohn of The New York Times, you know that Nate Cohn), this is our answer to him:

As well as this:

And this too:

Because in the end, Cohn will never get it, no matter how hard he tries. And it is getting really annoying, especially since in the end, Cohn needs to do a better job trying to understand the dynamics of the U.S. Latinos instead of pretending to be the smartest non-Latino in the room who has no clue about U.S. Latinos.