Latino Father of Four Killed by Teen After Trying to Protect His Property

Dec 13, 2014
10:22 AM

One of our community members alerted us this morning to a story out of northwest Indiana. According to local Chicago media, 36-year-old Alexius Tapia was shot to death early Friday morning after confronting three teens who were breaking into cars in Tapia’s neighborhood. The following CBS Chicago report has more:

Within hours of Tapia’s death, an online page dedicated to raising funds for his family has been set up. This is the link.

Hi guys! A friend of mine lost her amazing husband to a tragedy and needs help. Her husband was shot due to trying to protect his family while his car was being broken into. She has 3 little ones and a step daughter that were left behind. I have been friends with her for many years and she is a good friend and I want to help her in this time of need. Please every little bit will help! None deserves to go through what she is going through now.