A Rasmussen Poll Wants You to Know that Mexico Has an ‘Illegals’ Problem

Jan 7, 2015
5:33 PM

Guess it’s 2015 and using the word “illegals” as a noun is back in vogue again. Latest example comes from Rasmussen Reports, a conservative polling group that pretends to be fair and unbiased. Yeah, right.

This is a screen grab of the email digest the group sent today:


Click on that and you get to this: Voters to Mexico: Stop Illegal Immigrants or Lose U.S. Aid.

But wait there’s more!

Most U.S. voters think the Mexican government doesn’t do enough to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking and favor stopping foreign aid to our southern neighbor until it does more to prevent illegal border crossings.

Just 14% of Likely U.S. Voters think the Mexican government wants to stop its citizens from illegally entering the United States, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Fifty-five percent (55%) say Mexico is not interested in stopping illegal immigration. But 31% are not sure.

And check out the wording of the questions:

Survey of 800 Likely Voters
1* Is Mexico an ally of the United States, an enemy of the United States or somewhere in between?
2* Does the Mexican government want to stop its citizens from illegally entering the United States?
3* U.S. taxpayers gave Mexico $265 million in foreign aid in 2013. Should the United States end foreign aid to Mexico until it does more to stop Mexicans and others from illegally crossing the U.S. southern border?
4* Has the Mexican government been aggressive enough in its efforts to stop illegal drug traffickers in Mexico?
5* Which is most to blame for drug violence in Mexico – Mexican drug producers, drug users in the United States or government corruption in Mexico?

Ok, let’s step back for a minute, because it is obvious that most Americans don’t read actual facts. Also, we would venture to conclude that most Americans have no idea about Plan Mexico and how the failed U.S. Drug War is a major factor in all this mess. And we are pretty certain that most Americans don’t take the time to actually read pieces by actual Mexicans who will tell you that the narrative is not about what Rasmussen is trying to sell you. But why should that matter? Because in the end, fear sells, and it is so much easier to blame a country most Americans have little clue about than actually realizing that U.S. policy has done more to impact this tragedy than people think.