The Graphic Video of Montana Police Officer Killing Unarmed Richard Ramirez

Jan 9, 2015
1:49 PM

The following video is incredibly graphic, but it needs to be shown. It is dashboard video from the police car of officer Grant Morrison, a member of the Billings Police Department in Montana. This week, officer Morrison was cleared of any charges in the fatal shooting of Richard Ramirez, an unarmed individual pulled over during a traffic stop. According to local Montana outlets, a coroner’s jury determined Morrison’s shooting “was a noncriminal, justifiable homicide.”

A few months back, local reports shared more about the Ramirez family, but the stories presented provided very little details about the justification that Morrison had when he decided to shoot Ramirez.

Another dashboard video from another patrol car at the scene was also posted by The Billings Gazette: “This video from Billings Police Officer Brad Ross’ patrol car shows Officer Grant Morrison walking with Ross back to his patrol car, wobble and then fall over off-screen. Ross responded to the scene after Morrison fatally shot Richard Ramirez.”

This was also the second time in five years that Morrison killed an unarmed individual.