Raw Footage of #BlackLivesMatter Protest This Morning in Boston (VIDEO)

Jan 15, 2015
1:50 PM

This morning, our founder @julito77 was having a cup of coffee in East Milton Square (about 7 miles south of downtown Boston) when he saw that the traffic in the square was heavier than normal. He went out to the overpass (which he said wasn’t that crowded yet) and saw that Interstate 93 North was shut down due to #BlackLivesMatter protesters cementing themselves to barrels. Julio was one of the first reporters at the scene. Here is a 17-minute series of pictures and videos he took before Boston media starting showing up and the scene got more crowded. At one point, Julio is asked by a Milton police office to not film with his smartphone over the overpass, so he had to move his phone a inch back. Our jefe did let us know that he plans to write later tonight a first-person account of the protest.

While a lot is being shared about this action in Milton as well as the one in Medford, here is a tweet showing very early images of the protests that few have seen so far: