And It Begins: Rick Santorum’s Hypocrisy Tour Is Back (VIDEO)

Jan 26, 2015
5:41 PM

Why is Rick Santorum back? Time to blame the immigrants! They’re taking our jobs! We’re all losing money all because of all these immigrants! (This was disproven before.) Here we go again. This was Santorum on CNN yesterday.

Quick thing: didn’t Santorum’s own flipping family arrive in the United States in that previous “great wave” he was talking about? As his dad’s obituary states:

Aldo Santorum of Crescent Beach, Fla., a clinical psychologist for the VA, died Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, in the home where he and his wife, Catherine Dughi, lived the past 20 years. He was 88.

Mr. Santorum was born in the Trento province of Italy to Maria and Pietro Santorum. Aldo, his mother, older brother Bruno and younger sister Carla moved to the Johnstown area when he was 7 to join his father, who came to the United States five years earlier.

“My grandfather was working in the auto industry but lost his job during the Depression,” Rick Santorum said. “He finally found a job in the coal mines of Western Pennsylvania in 1929 and the family joined him.”

The family lived in a company town called Carpenters Park. “After several years in the mines, the family moved upscale to nearby Tyler Hill,” Santorum said.

So let’s get this straight: Santorum laments the rise of “low-skilled workers” who are taking American jobs, but when Nonno Santorum pretty much did the exact same thing in the 1920s while his family waited in Italy for years, that’s all high and noble?

Please, Rick, please just go away. Your hypocrisy is duly noted.