John Paul Quintero Family Demands Answers at Wichita City Council Meeting

Feb 4, 2015
9:00 AM

Almost a month after 23-year-old John Paul Quintero died from a confrontation with Wichita Police after his father had requested help from 911, calls for justice and a more transparent investigation continue.

Last night during Wichita’s City Council meeting, supporters, including one of Quintero’s family members, attending the meeting to ask about Quintero’s death and the ensuing investigation, according to local reports.

Kelsey Ryan, The Wichita Eagle’s city government/health care reporter, live-tweeted part of the exchange.

A post from included videos from the city council meeting. In this first video, Quintero’s cousin asks about the case.

According to the DH story:

She asked, who is investigating her cousin’s murder. She also asked about the policy for officers responding to a domestic violence involving a knife with an AR-15.

Despite the majority of the questions being directed at Mayor Carl Brewer, he was able to avoid answering most of them. He volunteered others to answer for him, which has also been his response in a few, “No Ferguson Here” meetings.

The DH post also posted a video of Mike Shatz of KansasExposed talking with Wichita interim police chief Nelson Mosley. This video occurred after the first one outside the meeting.