Kobbo Santarrosa: Puerto Rico ‘Wants and Needs La Comay’

Feb 9, 2015
2:42 PM

In an Spanish-language interview published earlier today with Puerto Rico’s El Vocero, actor Antulio “Kobbo” Santarrosa is suggesting that he will return to Puerto Rican television two years after his top-rated “SuperXclusivo” show was taken off the air due to a highly publicized social media boycott against his La Comay puppet character.


Saying that he has had conversations with MegaTV, Santarrosa told the newspaper the he continues to talk with Raúl Alarcón, the channel’s president, but nothing is concrete or definite. Santarrosa also shared his beliefs that the return of his puppet character would be welcome by the island’s viewing audience, calling the troubled show an example of “winning formulas that don’t change.”

Santarrosa also said, “The country wants and needs La Comay.”

Furthermore, Santarrosa addressed one issue he made no little public mention of when it was happening: the boycott movement against his show that resulted from controversial comments La Comay and co-host Manolo Travieso made about the death of publicist José Enrique Gómez. Santarrosa claims that Wapa TV, the station which broadcast “SuperXclusivo,” and Wapa president Joe Ramos had no choice but to pressure him”

Everyone knows that it was because of the famous boycott, and I wrote that in my resignation letter to [Wapa president Joe Ramos]. I never had any problems with Joe… These were things that Joe had no control over and neither did I.

Later in the interview, Santarrosa tried to downplay the boycott’s efforts, saying, “look, this is really a bit complicated and I don’t know why sponsors would have left and abandoned the program.”

When the boycott began in early December 2012, Santarrosa’s show was the island’s top-rated program, by far. About five weeks later in early January, the show was taken off the air by Wapa TV.

You can read the entire interview in Spanish here.