A Winning Powerball Ticket Came From Puerto Rico: Let the Ignorance Begin

Feb 12, 2015
10:32 AM

So last night’s Powerball drawing had three big winners: one in North Carolina, one in Texas and one in Puerto Rico. As you might expect, news of the Puerto Rico winner is getting the ignorant few a bit testy this morning. First up, one of our Rebeldes of El Paso told us that KLAQ’s Lisa Sanchez was saying during the news breaks that Puerto Rico winner shouldn’t have been part of the lottery because it wasn’t a state.


Which led us to think, who else was saying the same thing? Looks like the news rubbed some people the wrong way (BTW, you can find more here):

Ok class, let’s say it together:


Although you do all know that the island is welcoming more and more wealthy people, right?

BTW, thanks, NBC News, for the H/T. You too, Buzzfeed.

And this just in: another perfect response to the ignorants.