Shooting Death of Antonio Zambrano Montes by Pasco Police Captured on Video

Feb 13, 2015
11:45 AM

A graphic yet troubling video of Pasco police officers shooting and killing Antonio Zambrano Montes has gone viral on YouTube in the last two days. According to local media accounts, Zambrano Montes, a homeless migrant worker originally from Mexico, was hurling rocks at officers. This the YouTube video (CREDIT: Dario Infante Zuniga/

This is what the Pasco police said about the incident:

The shooting death has led to condemnations by the Mexican government. The AP’s lede paragraph said that this was “the fourth fatal police shooting since last summer in this agricultural city of 68,000 in southeastern Washington.”

Yesterday, protesters went to the area where Zambrano Montes was shot.

Another protest is scheduled for tomorrow. The incident has also gotten the attention of Washington’s governor. There are plenty of tweets and comments right now at #Pasco and #PascoShooting hashtags.