Michelle Rodríguez: ‘Stop Stealing All the White People’s Superheroes’ (VIDEO)

Feb 28, 2015
4:22 PM

This just in from actor Michelle Rodríguez. You can read more here.

Dear Michelle, you are missing the point. It’s not about “stealing.” You can still “be the change” but you can also remind people what the real issue is. Because there’s a TON of creativity out there, but the access is not there and when someone like Rodríguez —who, by the way has the access— says what she says, it comes across as the typical “I got mine” vibe.

We will blame your comments on the partying. Thanks for nothing.

By the way, the reaction has been so intense that Rodríguez had to clarify her comments today on her Facebook page. Yet to us, it just seems like she is creating more problems. Like we said, we DO have our own stories. When will those voices be lifted by those who have the access? It’s not the lack of stories. It’s the lack of opportunities, and those who have the opportunities tend to overlook where they come them and how they got there. There are plenty of “mythologies” and “stories” we can share. Let’s make it happen. We are ready to meet with anyone.