University of Texas: ‘Border Patrol’ Frat Party a ‘Freedom of Speech’ Issue

Mar 2, 2015
7:49 AM

Remember a few weeks ago when a University of Texas fraternity’s “border patrol” party led to a letter of concern from UT students? According to local reports out of UT, university officials see no problem with the party and the Fiji frat won’t face any penalties or punishment from the school:

Texas Fiji’s “border patrol” theme party held on Feb. 7 did not violate any University rules and will not result in any penalty for the fraternity, according to Soncia Reagins-Lilly, senior associate vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Though the party was intended to have a “Western” theme, according to Fiji President Andrew Campbell, several party attendees said the party theme was communicated as “border patrol.” Many attendees wore sombreros, ponchos and construction hats with names such as “Jefe” and “Pablo Sanchez” written on them.

Reagins-Lilly said the fraternity did not violate any rules, primarily because the party was held off campus, but she said the Dean of Students office is working with the fraternity to increase its cultural sensitivity.

“Civility, diversity and citizenship are integrated into the fabric of the University of Texas at Austin,” Reagins-Lilly said. “‘There is ongoing work integrated in everything we do.”

Last Friday, the University also posted these tweets in response to a student’s query:

Reaction to the tweets has been highly critical. Here are just a few examples:

(H/T USAToday College)