Four #ConanCUBA Clips You Should See Today

Mar 5, 2015
8:37 AM

Hey, we get it. Cuba is a really touchy subject. You don’t have to remind us. It is a topic that generates intense passion and opinions. We know.

With that said, last night a lot of the Rebeldes caught Conan Brien’s show, which was filmed in La Habana over the course of four days. Were parts of it a stereotypically typical (rum, cigars, old cars)? Yes. Did we expect Conan to provide us with all the nuances of the Cuba debate in a late-night comedy show? No.

Nonetheless, “Yo soy Nutella. You soy Nutella.” Watch.

Here’s one of Conan taking Spanish lessons.

This is Conan making fun of CNN. A must watch.

And here’s Conan saying goodbye to Cuba.

We are sure that some will say this Conan show was just some propaganda stunt coordinated by the Castro brothers. Nonetheless, one Latino Rebels supporter added this tweet review as we all were watching the show:

We say this: laughter is universal, and seeing a little bit of humanity coming out of Cuba goes a long way. If it took a goofy tall pelirrojo from the U.S. to capture some of that, then “Conan in Cuba” was a worthy risk to take.

The show wasn’t perfect (60 minutes would have been enough), but it had some funny moments, some touching ones and seeing comtemporary scenes of La Habana on U.S. television was fascinating. Did it present a full picture of Cuba? No. But did it achieve the goal that maybe we have more in common with the Cuban people that we want to admit? Yes. And that’s not a bad thing.