#AskMeMás: What Topics (Besides Immigration) Matter to US Latinos?

Mar 9, 2015
5:29 PM

Last Monday, our editors posted a Media Matters report which highlighted what we knew all along: when it comes to Sunday news shows on U.S. media (both in English and in Spanish), these shows have become a sad example of “single issue syndrome”—you know, bring your Latino guests on the show and (surprise, surprise) talk immigration. It’s as if no other topic even exists.

That report led to a conversation among a few people in our group: what other topics matter with U.S. Latinos? One of the Rebeldes in the group (say hi to Marce!) suggested we all look at #AskHerMore and check how that hashtag generated so many ideas. About 30 seconds later, someone in our group offered #AskMeMás and like a minute later, we tweeted this out:

Soon, others were weighing in on Twitter, and it led to a great suggestion by Julie Schwietert Collazo: what if people just crowdsource names of people who can speak about other topics? We thought that was a cool idea, so we agreed to publish an initial list of experts. Here is that first list:

Initial #AskMeMás List

If you have other names to add, just let us know in the comments section below. We totally understand that this initial is nowhere near comprehensive, and there are thousands of other names. We also know that other organizations have done similar things (see NHMC, for example), and that is fantastic. The more people are focusing on this issue, the better.

So, what would you #AskMeMás about? Start sharing your thoughts below!